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Our firm focuses on client-driven outcomes. Being a small firm allows us to spend more time with the clients, charge reasonable fees and provide more satisfactory outcomes. We start by listening to your needs and work toward a conclusion that best suits your needs. Experience superior legal representation.

Family Law:


Child Custody:

There are few things in life more important than the custody of your children. Whether you have an existing Order that needs to be modified or an initial custody determination, we work extremely hard to make sure you get the best representation. We will fight for your rights and the rights of your children.



Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful situation; let us carry the burden for you. Don’t be pushed around, bullied or swindled. Know your rights and get the most effective outcome. Whether your issues include property (equitable distribution), post-separation support, alimony or just a simple divorce, we will ensure that your rights are protected.


Child Support

For years, we have represented payees and payors of child support. Establishing, calculating and modifying child support are complicated matters and the details are extremely important. Let us use our years of experience to effectively advocate for you.


Restraining Orders:

50B and 50C actions are commonly used to protect individuals, children and elderly folks from stalkers, abusers and others who mean to do them harm in ways that criminal actions cannot. When you need protection, trust a firm that understands your needs and the complicated nature of domestic violence.


Termination of Parental Rights:

When a parent has been abusive, neglectful, failed to visit or failed to support their children, the law allows for their parental rights to be terminated, legally removing them as the parent of that child. We have assisted many individuals and families in terminating rights as well as preventing those rights from being terminated.


Criminal Law:



Lots of firms say they represent defendants charged with DWI’s but when you are faced with up to 36 months in prison, loss of license, huge increases in insurance rates and the potential embarrassment of a Driving While Impaired (DWI) conviction, trust someone who will fight tooth and nail for you, someone who knows the law inside and out and someone who wins in the courtroom.


Speeding Tickets:

That simple speeding ticket that you received isn’t always so simple. Did you know that one minor speeding ticket can result in insurance rate increases of up to 80 %? Let us ensure your rights are protected.


Drug Crimes:

Drug crime convictions blemish your record, unlike any other charge. For years we have represented defendants in highly complicated drug cases.

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