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New Expungement Law

For those who have ever been convicted (or charged) with a criminal offense, there is a new law in North Carolina that can help you erase that mistake from your record.

For years, I have been the only Attorney in town who did expungements. For that reason, if someone came into one of the other firms in town with a question about expugements, they were sent to me. Due to this, I had the unfortunate task of explaining to lots of fine folks that they were not eligible for an expungement as they previously believed.

The truth is, expungements are hard to get. Because the qualifications for expungements are very narrow, it’s very unlikely that folks qualify. However, as of December 1st, the qualifications for expungements has been greatly expanded. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you have been convicted of a non-violent misdemeanor (ie simple possession of Marj.) you can have that deleted from your criminal record 5 years after the punishment ends. (previously 15 years)

  • Felonies can be deleted from your criminal record after 10 years it its your only felony conviction. (previously 15 years)

  • There is no limit to the number of expungements you can get for charges taken out against you that were dismissed or you were found not guilty of. (previously only 1 was allowed during a lifetime)

  • Many other things qualify for expungements under the old law as well.

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